Just a reminder . . .

This . . .

and this . . .

It’s here: the annual celebration of the freedom to read/be human; our week-long soapbox to stand up against censorship/stupidity; that special time of year where librarians can demonstrate their worth/badassness.

Here is a comprehensive listing of banned or challenged books in the US for 2012-13.

Here’s the American Library Association’s Banned Books site.

(Reblogged from thelifeguardlibrarian)

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2 comments on “Just a reminder . . .

  1. leah in NC says:

    I find it amazing to see just how many banned books I’ve read over my lifetime…

    • poietes says:

      What I find amazing are the incredibly lame reasons people use to try to justify banning a particular book–”had uncomfortable scenes in it” and other such bull.

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