If it’s Friday, it must mean leftovers . . .

Enough said:

How is it I never made this word picture myself?


In 1994, Homer did that thing:

The Simpsons predicted the future many times over their 25-year history. Go here to see a bunch of these bizarre but true predictions, but the following is my favorite:

21 Times "The Simpsons" Bizarrely Predicted The Future

Season 6, Episode 5, “Sideshow Bob Roberts”

This penguin has more energy than I do:

R2D2 does Michael Jackson:

I hate when that happens . . .

And in this week’s edition: Immigration Reform, brought to you by the intolerant:

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Having a bad day? Think again . . .

Woke up very early (for me) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Anxiety over the state of the house and other things. So I read a book (good read, will do review soon), and then I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until I couldn’t . . . move . . . I try to keep things in perspective . . .

Music by Ruby Friedman, “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” (from “Justified”), love this version