Vital Statistics

When asked to create a section of an HTML page about myself that listed some information about myself, these are the interesting things that I listed:

  • My husband Corey is a tugboat captain
  • I have three children: Alexis, Eamonn, and Brett (I did not elaborate on my two younger children much because they have a right to privacy that I don’t give to my husband  and daughter because they don’t complain so much since they read my blogs; however, since Eamonn and Brett do not read my blogs yet, I try to leave them out. I figure it’s only fair . . . for now)
  • I have three dogs: Shakes, Alfie, and Tillie
  • Shakes, a Jack Russell Terrier, is named for William Shakespeare
  • Alfie, also a Jack Russell, is named for Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Tillie is a Black Labrador puppy, and she is named for Tillie Olsen (my boys want to know why our pets all have to have weird names, like writers’ names and such (the Beta is named Mulder). My reply is that there are no other names.)
  • I read mysteries voraciously, and I try to write poetry.

Now, I only listed those few things for several reasons:

  1. I don’t really enjoy this code business.
  2. I don’t really want to engage in that much discourse with my professors, nor do I believe that they will truly appreciate my wit.
  3. I’m so far behind in this class that anything that I finish for any assignment that I turn in I consider a major achievement (I NEVER thought that I would be saying that about any course that I was taking).
  4. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Now, after all of my opining on writing and finding things to say, isn’t that just a damned shame? Or am I just completely boring? Either way, it’s just absolutely and completely pathetic.

I mean, for god’s sake, I could have written about the time that I jumped naked off a boulder into a pool of crystal clear water just for the hell of it. Or I could have written about the time I danced on a runway in a go go bar for a story on the nightlife in Norfolk. Or I could have written about the time that I met the Queen Mother in England. I kid you not. But no, I listed just the facts, ma’am.

The people who knew me when I was interesting would be so proud.