I Pledge


What Will You Pledge For A Better World?

Thank you WillPen. I found this wonderful vid on your blog, and I had to steal it and put it on mine because it needs to be seen as much as possible.


And to all of the haters out there who were already posting negative comments about the people in this video who were making pledges to do good things . . . why do you have to be so negative all of the time? Just because a right-wing Republican didn’t win this particular race, does that mean that we, we the people, don’t need cleaner water, better air quality, less trash in our landfills, better cars that emit less pollution?

Don’t we, all of us, need to pause just a moment to take a look around and maybe see if someone needs a hand, a smile, a piece of food? Do we always have to be aggressive in traffic, getting on the subway? Must be always assume that because someone is a celebrity that they have an ulterior motive? How much do you really give to charity as opposed to what you claim on your taxes? What can you pledge right now that may not cost you anything but a moment of your time or a small piece of your heart?

Botticelli's "Three Graces"

Don’t be so cynical. Don’t be so full of hate. I started to read the blog postings beneath this youtube video, and they were so vitriolic, so full of bile and ill-humor, and it made me so sad that something so well-intentioned could be so reviled. Obviously, I do not understand people any more. Obviously, my belief that people are basically good is unbelievably naive.

Remember, charity is supposed to come from the heart. In Greek Mythology, there were the Three Charities or Three Graces:  Aglaia (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer). They brought joy and goodwill to the gods and humans. In Christian iconagraphy in the Middle Ages, they represented joy, charity, and love.

Yet, I refuse to give up. Peace be with you.