Grace in Small Things #28

Wicked winds outside today. Not sure what I want to touch on . . .

1. The way that my daughter and I will sometimes say the exact same thing at exactly the same time. It drives Corey crazy.

2. Sea turtles are wonderful creatures that can have really long lives as long as humans don’t interfere.sea-turtle-by-sandra-edwards

3. The Internet. Because of this incredible invention, we now have access to information, people and places 24/7 in newer, faster ways unimagined even a generation ago. Now, we have a whole generation that will have grown up always having the Internet and personal computers in their lives.

4. I like to write with #1 pencils . They are a softer lead, so they write more smoothly. I never use #2 pencils, and at work, I always requested #1’s, and it always got on the nerves of whoever did the supply order. I wasn’t trying to be difficult. It was just a personal preference.

5. I also like to write on graph paper. I’m not sure where or when I picked up this habit, but I really prefer graph paper, and even go so far as to use  grid on the screen whenever I can, like in Microsoft Word (it’s also a good way to keep people off my computer, not that I would do that on purpose, or anything).

That’s today’s list. Yesterday I was wondering if I were doing this right, but as a friend pointed out, if I were putting things on the list that truly brought me some measure of joy, things in which I found some measure of grace, then there was no right or wrong about it. You always say the right thing, Maureen.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things #28

  1. Hi Lita,
    Another fabulous set of GIST.
    Mothers and daughters, what can I say? I know exactly what you are taking about. Do you and Alexis also share a weird sense of humour, the way Prue and I do? Damien never seems to get it.
    Turtles, so often overlooked for their beauty and elegance, The way in which they glide through the water so effortlessly always amazes me.
    Pencils. I agree with you about having a penchant for a particular writing instrument. My favourites are sharp pencils, any type and soft balled biros, I particularly enjoy using a fountain pen because somehow it makes my writing look presentable and not scrawl on paper.
    Using graph sheets is different and no, you would never deliberately try and deter anyone from using your computer LOL
    The internet- what would we do without it?
    Maureen 🙂

    1. Alexis and I find most of the same things hilarious. We have both loved “The Princess Bride” since she was a little girl, and every once in a while, we will spout quotes from it when something on television brings it to mind. We also watch most of the same television shows. But because of her age, she is still quite enamoured with dirty/raunchy jokes, and while they don’t offend me, I just don’t find them as funny any more.

      Corey goes crazy when he sits down at my computer and Word is open with the graph screen is open. Too funny. And obviously, the internet has changed my life . . . and given me you. What would I do without my daily dose of Maureen?

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