Grace in Small Things #30


Swallowtail Butterfly

“Be a gentle friend to trees and they will give you back beauty, cool and fragrant shade, and many birds, singing” ~ Unknown

Well, today will be short and sweet.  Think I may be coming down with something.

1. Beneflu in a bottle. Most people don’t like liquid cold medicines. This stuff is great. When I get on a coughing jag, I just take a big swig right out of the bottle (I make sure it’s the bottle that no one else uses). It goes down warm and is very soothing, and it usually starts to work immediately. Measuring? That’s for sissies.

2. Corey brings me a hot cup of coffee while I’m still in bed almost every day. I like this tradition. I don’t know what I’m going to do when he finally gets a boat.

3. Finding a new song to add to my playlists. The way that I love music, it is always wonderful to find a new artist or a new song by a favorite artist to add to one of my playlists on the computer. Of course I have different playlists. Would my OCD allow anything else: Mellow List, Country List, Bedtime List, and then Extended List, which has enough music on it for 16 hours of play.

black-capped chickadee
Black Capped Chickadee

4. Butterflies. When our Lantana comes into bloom in the spring and summer, we have a veritable butterfly garden in the front yard.  Monarchs. Swallowtails. Painted Ladies.  It’s incredible to be so close to so much beauty.

5. Song birds. We also get a lot of songbirds in our yard, more when we have the feeders hung. My favorites are the cardinals and chickadees. Once in a while we’ll get a hawk in our neighborhood; then all of the smaller birds just disappear until the hawk leaves. It’s amazing how nature works.

More later. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things #30

  1. Hi Lita,
    Five more GIST and all wonderful.
    How lucky are you, having a morning coffee brought to you by Corey each day??
    Watching butterflies and the sounds of birds are both soothing(although I have to make an admission here, I have a phobia about birds coming anywhere near me. I am terrified of them).
    Here there used to be a cough medicine that the pharmacist would mix called Senega and Ammonia and it was great. Needless to say the bottle did not last long !!!!
    Get well soon

    1. Sorry about your bird phobia. Is it from the Hitchcock movie? That movie screwed up a lot of people about being anywhere near birds.
      As with most things, Corey is too considerate.
      I’m not sure about the ammonia in the cough syrup. Sound kind of icky to me, but it probably knocked you out for hours.
      More later.


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