Grace in Small Things #34

Tropical Breezes and a Warm Blanket?

And for today’s list we have  the following . . .

1. Just finished a snack of a few Pepperidge Farms Gingerbread Men, which are not the same as gingerbread snaps. The snaps are thicker and harder and great with hot tea. The gingerbread men are much thinner and lighter, and it’s very hard to eat just a few because of that. In fact, it’s very easy to eat your way through half a bag of those little suckers before you even realize it, so I am very careful about doling them out to myself in limited numbers. I also hide them from Eamonn.yankee-candles

2. I love finding a new candle scent that isn’t overpowering. For example, I’ve almost burned down a Yankee Candle honeysuckle candle. Yankee Candles are more expensive than other candles, but I’ve come to find after much trial and error that they last longer than candles that aren’t in a jar, and their fragrances burn easily and aren’t overpowering but will permeate the air. I really hate it when I buy a pillar candle, and it burns unevenly down one side; that’s just a waste of money. Other candle scents that I am partial to include peony, fresh cotton, lilac, and lavender. Some of the heavier scents really bother me and give me a headache.

x-files-mug3. Coffee mugs. I love to find unusual coffee mugs, but they need to be of a certain width and thickness. The prettier mugs tend to be very thin, which is nice to look at, but not very good for keeping coffee hot. I have a mug that I bought at Starbucks about twelve years ago that has a nice wide mouth, and it is fairly thick but not too thick. Because it is the same shape all the way down, it has a nice, wide base, which is good because I tend to tip over glasses and such fairly easily. I love this mug and probably shouldn’t have written about it because now something will happen to it. Here’s a picture of another mug that’s been in my collection for a while.

4. My red throw. When we were traveling back and forth to Alexandria for my classes, Corey bought me a red blanket to keep in the car. After class on the ride home, no matter what the temperature was outside, I would curl up in the passenger side with my pillow and my blanket and go to sleep. Now that we don’t have to make that trip, I wrap myself up in my red blanket when I’m sitting at the computer. I suppose it’s become my Linus blanket, although the dogs try to appropriate it whenever they can.

5. My bottles of sand. I believe in buying tacky souvenirs from every place that we visit, usually magnets for the fridge, but when we went to Cancun for our honeymoon, I bought a bottle of sand to put on my desk at work. Then when we went on our first cruise, I bought a bottle of sand in Cozumel to sit next to the first bottle. That way, I always have a piece of the tropics and my honeymoon with me.

That’s all for today. More later. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things #34

  1. Hi Lita,
    You come up with such wonderful GIST!
    I love the fact that you are so honest. No low fat, low sugar, health conscious snacks for you- a woman after my own heart!
    There is something so comforting about a throw, especially red.
    I agree with you about having the “right” coffee mug. I once invested in one of those trendy stainless steel insulated mugs for using at work. It cost a bomb and was the worst purchase I ever made. The design made it top heavy and all I seemed to do was clean up split coffee!!
    Scented candles can be soothing but I agree , much consideration has to be given to the fragrance as some smell like cat’s pee.
    What a lovely idea , collecting little bottles of sand. Great memories to cherish forever!
    Maureen 🙂

    1. The horrible truth is that I have to start being more conscious of my food, more low fat, low sugar, which really sucks. I just started on Lopid yesterday, and I was reading all of the information about it. It sounds like an absolutely horrible drugs with horrible side effects: nausea, weakness, headaches, joint and muscle aches, stomach pain, to name but a few. BUt it treats the trifecta that I have: Good cholesterol is too low; bad cholesterol is too high, and triglycerides are way too high. So I have to take this and watch my diet until I go back for labs in a month. Egads.

      I love my red throw. It’s helping to keep me warm until we get the gas turned back on, which may be next week. Those travel mugs are only good for travel, and even then, they always leak.

      Must have good scented candles for my bath. The problem is that when people know that you like candles, they buy them for you, and almost always, the ones that you get as a gift end up being too smelly. Do you know what I mean?

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