Today’s Post

I was half way through part four of Lives in Pieces: Vale et memini (Goodbye and I Remember).  It was called Halloween But No Thanksgiving.

I started it late last night, and then planned to finish it this afternoon so that I could post it today along with links to the previous three posts and the post 4 post in the series. I stopped last night because I was tired, and I really don’t remember where I was in my thoughts when I stopped.

Today when I got on the computer it was there because I opened the draft. I opened the draft, and then I did my usual perusing of other sites and made some comments, and then, somehow, I still cannot believe this, somehow, I deleted, lost, blew up, my draft of Part 4.

There is no Part 4. There is no trash can on Word Press. There is no overall go back button on Word Press. Word Press is a lot of things, but it is not an individual website in which you have folders, and drafts. This is not their fault. It is mine.

I am so upset right now that I cannot begin to recreate Part 4. I cannot do my Grace in Small Things right now. Maybe in a few hours.

I had been putting off Part 4 because it is probably the hardest part of the series to write. I was finally read to tackle it, and now it is lost in the blogosphere. I am wounded beyond repair at the moment and need time to lick my wounds and regroup.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Post

  1. Oh Lita,
    I wish I could have been there for you too!
    You will come back to it when you are ready. In the meantime, don’t beat yourself up over it.
    Big hugs

    1. It has set me back for days. I crawled into bed and hid under the covers. Corey was so worried. He kept asking if I had looked everywhere. I said yes, yes, yes. I was right in the middle of the hardest part. You cannot imagine what it was like: I had finally gotten up the nerve to tackle the hardest part of the story, had gotten on a roll, had gotten to the hardest part of the hardest section, and then I lost it. At the time I was thinking, god I wish that I could call Maureen or get to her instantly somehow. No one else knows what I’ve been going through with this thing. Not that I’m blaming you, you understand. It’s just that I felt completely lost. It really broke me, and I can’t go back to it now. Not yet.

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