Grace in Small Things #42


Goodbye to Grace

It’s getting harder to write these entries, so I don’t know that I’ll be able to fulfill the commitment that I made. I find this disappointing because I want to keep my commitments, but what I am finding is that I am only writing GIST entries and not writing other entries, and that is not the purpose of my blog. The purpose of my blog is to expand my writing, to write about different things, and not all of those are positive. I have appreciated this chance to try to look at more positive things in life, and I truly appreciate the concept of grace as I have written about it many times before, but I find this format too limiting.

When something becomes an obligation and ceases to be an insightful exercise, then I believe that it is probably not contributing to my creative well-being. So this will be my final GIST for a while. I may return to the concept occasionally, but more than likely it will probably be a spontaneous, one-time post.

1. Beautiful cards. I love to receive cards that show that the card-giver has really thought about the event and my personality. Corey has become a master at accomplishing this with the cards that he gives me. They are always so beautiful visually, and then he finds cards that have sentiments that are reflections of how he feels. Alexis has inherited the card gene. She loves to buy cards for people, and she is great at it.

2. Toasted bagels with fresh butter. I don’t eat these very often, but when I do, they are sumptuous.

3. Pedicures are a wonderful way to relax. I haven’t had one in a long time because they are a luxury item, but a good pedicure can restore your whole spirit.

4. I love water in all its forms—the ocean, the bay, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, swimming pools. I am a water baby, an Aquarius. I don’t swim all that well as I don’t have a lot of endurance, but I love the feel of water on my body.


5. I love the sound of church bells. Whether they are just souding out one tone, or summoning people to church, the sound of the bells touches a deep place inside of me. I think that it’s because when I was a child in London, I heard so many church bells in towers with real change ringing, and I became so used to the sound. Now, there is only one Catholic church nearby that chimes its bells. But the sound of bells gives me a wonderful sense of peace.

That’s all for my Grace in Small Things. Peace.

8 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things #42

    1. Jennifer,
      I’m sorry, but I don’t remember where this waterfall picture came from. I do know that it is in the tropics, just not sure where. So sorry.

  1. Hi Lita,
    I will miss your GIST but I understand your decision.
    I agree withe you and memphismafia about the bagels, although I prefer the carroway and onion, no butter. They are soooo good!
    Take Care

    1. Hi Maureen,

      I will probably still do them from time to time, but the obligation to do them was starting to make them feel as if they weren’t mine, if that makes any sense. I had to get one done everyday, and I wasn’t writing anything else. I was sitting here forever trying to come up with things, and I finally realized that that was not how it should be. They should be things from the heart and soul, and I shouldn’t be resenting them. Make any sense?

  2. If it’s alright with you, I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll. Just let me know. Thanks, I love the site.

  3. I would totally have to agree with the toasted bagel thing. I can’t think of anything better (at least at this moment).

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