My Alaskan Dreams

And they were canopied by the blue sky, so cloudless, clear, and purely beautiful ~ Lord Byron

There is a site that I visit daily just to check out what new images have been posted. The site’s name is Floridana Alaskiana v2.5, and it is hosted by some extremely talented people who moved from Florida to Alaska.

Sometimes the photos are from Florida, sometimes from Alaska, but always beautiful. The other day, I came across an image that really just made me pause. It was of Bard Peak at Portage Lake taken in April 2008. The Peak is completely covered in snow and ice, and the sky is a stunningly bright cyan with wispy clouds behind the Peak.

What really drew me to this picture is that in my mind, these are the images of the Alaska that I have always wanted to see in real life. I know that Alaska is really quite beautiful in many parts, and this photograph encompasses that beauty.




If you would like to view more of this wonderful photography, please visit

For a link to this particular page, please follow

More later. Peace.

12 thoughts on “My Alaskan Dreams

  1. Extremely kind words — and I most certainly thank you! I throw all the credit right over to all things Alaskiana — (and Floridana, for that matter). Such a beautiful world we get to share, isn’t it? Just not enough time for us to see everything we want to see… But, I’m grateful what I do get to experience.

    (And seriously, thank you so much for your kind words. Very heart-warming!)

    – Janson.

    1. I wouldn’t have said it if I hadn’t meant it. I love your photography, and I look forward to visiting your site to see what new pictures you have posted. I love the tree frog pictures, too, by the way.

    1. Me too. I don’t know how the rest of it looks, but this is what I want to see. You should visit his site. The pictures are awesome.

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