Lola’s Terrible, Horrible, Bad Two Weeks in June (okay, not so poetic)


Take On Edvard Munch's Scream

My Take on Munch’s Scream

Mea Culpa

I’ve been terrible about posting lately. Perhaps if I give you a short glimpse into my life, you might understand:

In a desperate attempt to help Brett complete all of the back work that he missed on all of those days that he was absent, I have been working like a fiend, collecting data, typing up poem circles from his drafts, ya da ya da ya da.

Ask me a question about Khrushchev. I’ll bet that I can answer it. That is unless I immediately socked all of that stuff away in the recycle bin of my brain.

His Khrushchev presentation (in character) is on Wednesday, and he is sweating it big time. Once we get past that major hurdle, he has his English final next Wednesday, for which he will have to dissect a poem from one of the 15 poems that he has been working on in the poem circles. No advanced warning on the poem.

Can I just tell you how nervous public speaking makes him? He really needs things to be added to his anxiety right now.

The good news is that school is almost out. Eamonn’s graduation is June 15 (still haven’t gotten his invitation order in the mail, nothing last minute there). My niece is also graduating. So much going on.

“Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful” ~ Old Pantene commercial featuring the very beautiful Kelly LeBrock (and of course, women hated her)

I’m going to take my coffee and go outside for a bit and soak up some sun in an attempt to restore my vitamin deficiency. Then I’m going to come inside and reread Macbeth, so that we can get to work on his Socratic method analysis of the play. My life, so full. I know that you’re jealous.

Speaking of jealousy, last night I dreamed that I was a secret agent trying to foil a plot to kill the Queen of England. After I successfully completed that mission, I got back on the boat (which boat? I don’t know. It’s a dream) and my cabin mate was . . . James Bond (as played by the younger Pierce Brosnan). Always was a sucker for an Irish accent.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I am still alive, and no, I’m not posting regularly at the moment, but hope to be soon. Also, a big welcome to my new readers that have clicked over from Goodreads. Thanks so much for loving me for the book nerd that I am.

I’ll leave you with this. I know that it’s bleepin old, but it just cracks me up every time that I see it—still.


More later, soon. Promise. Peace.


5 thoughts on “Lola’s Terrible, Horrible, Bad Two Weeks in June (okay, not so poetic)

  1. hey, stumbled upon your blog thanks to it’s been a fun read; love the take on munch. he’s one of my favorites (especially his work for ibsen’s “ghosts”). anyhow, i have some writing to do of my own. cheers.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m so tired at the moment from getting my last blog together that when you wrote Munch, I thought about the character on Law & Order SVU. Sad, really.

      Seriouly, though, appreciate all comments. You didn’t leave a link to your blog so that I could visit.

      1. i guess i assumed wordpress linked automatically. that not being the case, i’m happy to share a link:
        obviously visits & comments are always appreciated. in any case, i’m sure i’ll be back around these parts, as seems you’ve got quite the collection of interesting postings & pictures.

        /a random stumbler & reader.

      2. It gives me your e-mail address, but not always the site address. I have no idea as to why or why not one shows up and the other doesn’t. Thanks for the link. I will be knocking at your door soon. And feel free to keep on finding your way through my posts. I’ve found that stumbling is the best way to find blogs that I really like.

  2. Hi Lita,
    What would kids do without their mum?
    Looking forward to your return.
    All the best to Brett with his presentation and exam.
    Take care

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