Stress: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

An Overworked Mind

This is called “An Overworked Mind.” I can definitely relate.


“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.” ~ Nikita Khrushchev (just because)

Short post for tonight, more of an update. This has been my day:

  1. Visit to my wonderful pain doctor. Sixteen, count them sixteen trigger shots from my neck all the way down and across my back to my right butt cheek. Too much information? Tough. Try getting the shots.
  2. Picked out the perfect frame for Eamonn’s prom picture. He has been bugging me ever since he got his half of the pictures that he and Kelsie had taken at the prom. They are actually very nice. When I have time, I’ll scan and post it. Anyway, stopped in Target for a quick run to look for frames since they are within 2 minutes of the pain doctor’s office. Target, who used to have a wonderful selection of frames, no longer carries much of anything. I suggested T. J. Maxx. Corey, keeping the budget in mind, relented.
  3. Went to T. J. Maxx, looked longingly at flowing sun dresses that I would love to have. Looked but did not touch. Went to frames. Found one great frame for $3.50 for the 5×7 that Eamonn gave me to put in the living room, and a nice glass drop-in frame for his picture. Managed not to spend very much money at all, and both frames cost less than one frame would have cost at Target. Take my advice thrifty shoppers: The Maxx is still the awesomest for housewares (speaking of which, saw some towels I would kill to have. Our towels are sooo old and tired).
  4. On the ride home began to feel pain from shots that I tried to keep at bay by taking pain meds after office visit. Discussed the issue of closing car factories in the U.S. and what that means to American consumers. Seriously, would you buy a brand spanking new Chrysler with one of those great deals if you knew that getting parts down the road might be a problem? Something to consider.
  5. Got home. House was hotter than hell. Trying not to use living room A/C because it is dripping water onto brick. Water damage. Yuck. Temperature was 91° F. Tried to sit down in my desk chair. Spilled my Pepsi on the bedroom floor. Shakes ran in from outside soaking wet as he wanted to show me that he had jumped in the pool. Brett was in meltdown over presentation. I considered turning around and walking back out of the house.
  6. The glass frame that I bought for Eamonn’s picture for his room was too big. Needed to do something creative. Went into Photoshop to create a lovely background to paste onto the piece of white chip board that came with the frame. Found the perfect paper in my assorted collection of decorative papers. Played around for about half an hour until I got the sizing right. Gave it to Eamonn. Actually got a “Thanks, Mom” for the effort. Yay for me. Sweating like a pig.
  7. Checked e-mail to see if there was anything from Brett’s history teacher. No. But lots of updates from Goodreads. Always fun, when I find the time. Meanwhile, Brett is pouring over index cards I printed out for him and claiming that he does not have the right stuff. What’s the right stuff, I ask, trying very hard not to lose my temper because I’m tired and perspiring like a worker on a chain gang. I don’t know. That answer won’t help me. Moving right along.
  8. Suggest to Eamonn on his way out the door that it would be nice if he calls his grandmothers to ask them personally to attend his graduation. Mumbled answer. No idea what he said.
  9. Towel on floor that is sopping up the Pepsi is shifted slightly to the right to clean up wet paw prints from Shakes coming into the house straight from pool and bypassing towel.
  10. Some kind of strange little flying beasties, not big enough to be flies, not small enough to be gnats, have taken up residence in the bedroom. It is now cooler outside of the house than inside the house. So glad I bothered to put on makeup today. Resenble the Joker.
  11. Still haven’t gotten around to taking more pain medication for the 16, count them 16 shots that I got today. Going to get right on that.
  12. Eamonn has two days of school left. Hooray? Brett still has more days left. Any days left are too many for  me.
  13. Haven’t gotten around to working on Socratic method of analyzing Macbeth, and don’t really see how that’s going to work since the whole basis of the Socratic method is question and analysis . . . whatever
  14. Would kill for a big chocolate milkshake. From Sonic. Now.
  15. Time to depart to watch Enemy at the Gates so that Brett can bone up on his Russian accent. Of the movie choices that include Russian accents, this was his choice. Pretty good choice, too. Haven’t seen this movie in a while, and if I remember correctly, it’s a good one. Seems to me at the time that it first came out, Eamonn wanted to be a sniper. Obviously, that phase has long past.
  16. Tillie is in the living room having a conversation with Brett about her ball. How do I know this? What a silly question.
  17. I think that I’ll paint my fingernails while I watch the movie. Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine instead of a milkshake.
  18. I would kill for something chocolate, preferably by Lindor, preferably in the form of Lindor balls.
  19. Did I mention that I saw some towels that would be so beautiful in the bathroom, that is, as long as you just looked at the towels and not the bathroom.
  20. I would dearly love to be able to shop for clothes that fit. Someday. Maybe this year. That would be nice. Makes me salivate to think about it, that and chocolate, and the new towels.

Oh well. Quick update. My life as it is. Can you stand the level of excitement?

More later. Peace.


7 thoughts on “Stress: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. What a day!! This may not be a good time and here I am bringing you back to a day you have filed? If it’s silly for you to be here as you then come as some one else and meet my friend poietes. So here we are visiting and we want to slap you for not getting that dress. BUT BOY do I understand that. Been there myself. I loved Sarah’s reports….a hoot. braisers my dear.

  2. Hi Lita, I haven’t read your post yet. I want to when I can have a glass of very cold crisp yummy wine and sit and soak this up. Tonight I hope. But we have to talk, please stop by my post.

  3. Oh Lita!
    What a day you are having. I hope the pain from the 16, yes, 16(oooch) is subsiding. Good for you, picking up the bargain photo frames too. Don’t you just hate it when you actually see a dress you love and you cannot buy it? if you were out shopping for a dress, you would never find a thing that suits!
    Hope once the school year ends , life will be calmer. One can only hope . Haha.
    Big hugs and stay cool.

    1. You know, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the sundresses. When I do finally have a few spare dollars, none of these will be here. Just hate that. I was awfully proud of myself in finding the frames. Both frames worked out perfectly, so that problem was dealt with fairly easily.

      Brett’s history teacher e-mailed me to tell me that Brett did very well during his presentation. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Now just about one week left for Brett, and this awful year will be over. Cannot wait.

  4. Sweetie – you need some “me” time. I really wish I had the money to send you and Corey to the Grove Park Inn for a week-it’s in Asheville. Wonderful place! The massages there are too die for!

    Anything I can do to help?

    Sarah’s report Khrushchev – old fat bald man banging shoe on desk at U.N. – the end. Sarah’s report on Macbeth – 3 witches, one homicidal wife, a ghost and Macbeth – the end.

    Just wanted to brighten your day!


    1. You’ve done so much already. I could never repay you for your hard work on our behalf. Truly.

      Oh that Brett’s reports could be like that!

      Never been to Grove Park Inn, but if they give massages, I’d go in a heart beat. Hey, at this point, I would love to be able to buy a new sun dress . . . but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Corey will be able to get a job within the next month. All of his paperwork gets sent off tomorrow for Coast Guard certification (his four new classes) ($140 for paperwork processing; they get you coming and going); he got his TWIC card ($175 later), and he had his drug test today. He spoke with the recruiter with Vane Brothers (nice-sized shipping company all up and down east coast), and the guy said to call him back as soon as paperwork is official. Let’s just pray he (recruiter) can come through with a job.

      By the way, did you ever figure out if you had any contacts at Va Natural Gas? Just curious.

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