Losing it.

I just lost the post that I have spent the last three hours writing. I cannot find it anywhere. I was trying to import a video into the post. I now have the video but not the post. I am beyond being able to reconstruct everything that I said. Maybe it disappeared for a reason. I don’t know. I only know that it’s gone, and so am I for this evening.

6 thoughts on “Losing it.

  1. Not to sound glib, but I hate when that happens. I do my posts in Word first and then save them. Then when I feel like I can post it I do so. I will still post directly to Blogger and occasionally lose one, but if you put it into some kind of writing program before you post it it will cut down on the heartache.

  2. It is incredibly frustrating when something like this happens. Best resolution: turn it off and chill out doing something else. You’ve got the right plan.

    Good news? The reconstruction is always better. It grows.

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