2 thoughts on “Blogspot Note

  1. Kind words — and thanks for the honor! I’ll do a similar post, following the instructions — but it may be some time before I can scrap it together. (You know how it is on my end… heh.)

    But seriously: thank you so much, once again, for all your support and warm thoughts!

    – Janson.

    1. Janson,
      The way your life is these days, I feel lucky when you have the time to stop by for a quick read, and I am amazed that you are still keeping up with the photography and blogging. Parenting the first time is so anxiety-laden, trial and error, and many, many sleepless nights. I remember going to work somedays feeling as if I had just sucked on a helium balloon because I was certain that I was making as much sense as a cartoon character. But in spite of everything, the great change in your life is completely worth the looniness, especially when you look into those beautiful eyes.

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