Please Cast Your Votes Today For A Very Worthy Cause

I have pulled the following blog from one of my blogfellows, Memphis Mafia of Really…Really…Seriously…

I do not normally repost complete blogs, but in this case, I thought that I really needed to make an exception. What Memphis Mafia is asking for is such a good cause that I wanted to make you aware of it.

Children’s hospitals are miraculous places. I don’t mean to sound all puppy dogs and kittens. I truly mean the word miraculous. Having spent an inordinate amount of time at The Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters with my daughter Caitlin, and then later, with my youngest son Brett, I have an extensive knowledge of what goes on in a hospital dedicated to serving the needs of only children.

It takes incredible strength to work on some of the wards. And I have found the administrators to be a particularly dedicated group of people. In fact, when I was in graduate school, I had a short stint with CHKD working on a national children’s hospital conference.

All of that aside, I hope that you will click on the link and cast your vote. Having a gameroom makeover is no small thing in a hospital filled with children of all ages, many of whom are bored for hours on end.  If you have ever been in  hospital, you know exactly what I’m talking about: the interminably long hours of absolutely nothing to do. A hospital gameroom is the place to be if you are a child who is mobile.

The people who read this blog regularly are a wonderful group of people. I know that I can count on you to participate.

Many thanks. Peace to you and yours.

A children’s hospital needs your help…

CMN LogoSeptember 30, 2009 · So, I’ve never really talked a lot about my life on this blog, but today I’m going to break that rule.  I work for Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee.  Which if you’ve been seeing my tweets (conveniently located just to the side of this post), you probably shouldn’t be surprised.  It is a fantastic place that helps lots of patients and families.  If you want to know more about it, I really recommend clicking on the link for it.  I’m am breaking my silence to ask for help.

The Children’s Miracle Network and Microsoft Xbox are hosting a contest to give away three gameroom makeovers for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, which Le Bonheur Children’s is one.  The winning organizations get a completely redone gameroom, complete with $10,000 of new equipment.  The contest is fairly simple, people register and can vote for the hospital of their choice.  Each voter has 10 votes they can cast daily, and can vote everyday between now and October 16.

When I started looking at this, Le Bonheur Children’s was in 58th place, but has moved up to 17th (and will probably end today at 16th).  To be competitive, we need to recruit 3,000 new voters, which would translate into 30,000 daily votes.  So, this is where I turn to you, dear reader, to ask for help.  If you are willing to help, follow this link to and register to vote.  The zip code (which is the easiest way to find the hospital) for Le Bonheur is 38103.  Vote daily for the contest, and tell your friends, family, or however about it.

I don’t want to sound cliche, but this will make a major difference in the experience of patients and families receiving care.  The hospital needs places like this to give families somewhere to go and unwind.  Children need place to go, play, and just be kids (and not “sick” kids).  It takes about five minutes to register and vote, and then 2 minutes a day after that.  Thanks for helping us out!