“We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.” ~ Jean Boudrillard

Rock Spring Run at Kelly Park, Florida, by Janson Jones

“That’s the news from Lake Woebegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” ~ Garrison Keiller

Rock Spring Run: Wish I Were There

Another very warm day here. The dogs are aching to get in the pool, but since our filter died at the end of last season, I fear that the pool may be off-limits for a bit.

Not sure when the Internet will go out, but I know that it’s coming, so I thought that I’d post while I have the chance. Although, I don’t have terribly much to say today. Kind of a slow day as far as firing the synapses. Feel sluggish and achy, and the daily headaches haven’t eased up yet. I have an appointment with the pain management doctor in a couple of weeks; had to cancel last month’s appointment since I had no money for the visit. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens with the upcoming appointment. I need my shots, though.

Alexis did get good news from her neurologist today. The tests showed no lesions on her brain, so he does not believe that she has epilepsy. He is testing her B12 levels to try to ascertain why she has so many problems sleeping. If it turns out not to be physiological, then she probably inherited her wacky sleep habits from her mother, especially in light of the fact that I did not sleep last night and was unable to accompany Alexis to her appointment. Chalk up one more thing to genetics.

Corey had port security training today, and then he went for an appointment with the Census people (you know, those communists who want to know how many people live in your house). He had to take a test, and he was a bit upset that he didn’t finish the test within the time limit, even though he did pass. I think that they’ll let him take the test again if he wants to do so. Now they have to do a background check on hin. Those tea baggers who are so anti-census should at least feel better that the government isn’t just hiring anyone off the streets as census takers.

Anyway, it seems that the census people are paying a good hourly wage for helpers. It’s all part of that big government conspiracy, I’m sure.

“Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.” ~ Lao Tzu

Rock Spring Run at Kelly Park, Florida by Janson Jones

Would you believe:

  • Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell has declared that April will be Confederate History Month in Virginia. The sitting Republican brought back the practice begun by Republican governor George Allen in 1997. McDonnell’s two Democratic predecessors refused to issue the symbolic proclamation which honors the soldiers who fought for the South in the Civil War. According to McDonnell, the move was done to promote tourism. Oh right, tourism.
  • In Columbus, Ohio, a 42-year-old woman has been accused of murdering her 19-year-old second cousin because of the younger woman’s attire at a family Easter gathering. Apparently the shooter didn’t like the younger woman baring her legs in front of the men folk.
  • In Texas, a father has been accused of forcing his two daughters, ages 8 and 9, to watch Internet porn. Apparently, the man’s children were visiting him for the weekend when he told the two girls to come and look at what was on the screen . . . Definitely not Dora the Explorer . . .
  • In Minneapolis, Sarah Palin is campaigning for Michele Bachmann. Those two freaky nut-jobs deserve each other.
  • The Pennsylvania lottery paid out $7.77 million for a draw of 7-7-7-7 in its Big 4 drawing on Wednesday. Freaky.
  • And then there is this:


“It’s [Fox News] like watching a Disney movie about the news.” ~ Stephen Colbert

In other news:

  • Former Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller died as a result of pancreatic cancer. She was 64. Mankiller, one of the few women to lead a major tribe, was a fierce advocate who focused on social problems.
  • A few days ago WikiLeaks released a video of a U.S. Army Apache helicopter in Baghdad in 2007 repeatedly opening fire on a group of men that included a Reuters photographer and his driver. WikiLeaks has labeled the video a case of  “collateral murder,” and viewers should be forewarned that the images are harrowing, as is the background chatter in which someone begs to be allowed to shoot at a van that, as it turns out, was doing nothing except offering aid to the downed men, none of whom were armed.
  • CNN contributor Erick Ericsson has said that he would “pull out [his] wife’s shotgun” if a census worker came to try to jail him for not filling out his census form. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has described the comments are “remarkable crazy.” I think that Gibbs was being generous.
  • At least 25 miners were killed in Monday’s explosion, the country’s worst since 1984. Massey Energy Co., which owns the Upper Big Branch mine, was cited three months ago for having fresh-air systems flowing the wrong way near two escape routes. The mine’s owner is still contesting more than a third of all its violations there since 2007. In the past year, federal inspectors have proposed more than $1 million in fines for violations at the mine in Montcoal, W.Va. Only 16 percent have been paid. Big Red Flags anyone?
  • Accused child-killer Casey Anthony may be trying to create a better image of herself by quoting the Bible in her jailhouse letters, but two different inmates have disclosed that Anthony told them she used to drug her two-year-old daughter to make her sleep, including using chloroform and antihistamines. Apparently Anthony wanted to ensure that her daughter slept whenever she wanted to go out partying. Mother-of-the-year. Not.

That’s all for today. More later. Peace.

Music by Ben Harper, “Faithfully Remain” (not sure if this is a repeat; if so, sorry)