Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourettes

I found this vid on Skyewriter’s blog, and I just couldn’t pass as I am a huge Lewis Black fan. Enjoy. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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More later. Peace.


2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourettes

  1. Jon, Lewis, and Co., have a knack at boiling b.s. down to its simplest form. It absolutely astounds me that Beck has a following and that anything he says gets traction. The fact that he is taken seriously (along with Rush) is one of the reasons I’ve become so completely enthralled with how people think. Does he realize that the hate he espouses is inciting the assassination of our president?

    1. Gerald,
      I would like to think that he is clueless; however, the realist in me thinks that Beck is dumb like a fox–he knows exactly what he is doing and saying.

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