Jon Stewart Gives Up, and So Do I

As you know, I love Jon Stewart, love his show, love his humor, love his keen insights. So when he went off on the latest Congressional inanity, I totally related to what he was saying. In recent days, I have begun to sense that I am reaching a point of no return when it comes to watching the news. It just doesn’t get any better, and each passing day brings another fracas across the aisles.  

I don’t know how much longer I can continue to read and write about a group of people who care nothing for the rights of all citizens, who support making more money for the wealthy, who sneer at corporate and financial regulation, who fail to acknowledge the continued downward spiral faced by a huge segment of the population.  

Who are these people?  

Apparently, Stewart has reached his own saturation point on the politics of I’m-against-anything-Democrats-are-for. Hence, his “I Give Up” segment. Absolutely priceless.  

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Just for grins, I thought that I’d include a video of Basil, as he calls himself. Marceau is a Tennessee Republican running for governor. Go Team!  

More later. Peace.