Since I’ve been gone, my theme changed, as in this WordPress theme, you know, header, widgets, other stuff . . . I didn’t change it. Perhaps computer fairies changed it. Anyway, the theme that I was using does not seem to be available any longer, so I chose this one. I’ve tried to recreate my page as best as I can remember, which, if you know me, does not mean a lot.

I think that I replaced all of the widgets, links, etc. If any of you can think of anything that I may have left off the page, please let me know.

The computer repair is going slowly. We’ve replaced the CPU fan, and the power system, but the case fan is not working. Still getting a message about the CPU fan. Have ordered a case fan (luckily, under $10). Supposed to be here in a few days. With any luck, I’ll have my computer back by the end of the week.

Fingers crossed people.

More later. Peace.