2 thoughts on “I found my header picture! Hooray for me. That’s all. Nothing Else.

  1. I must disagree. This Mosque being built is a slap in the face to all Americans and the victims/families of 9/11. Freedom of religion? Really?? Not if you’re a Christian. You cannot have prayer in school, God forbid putting up a Nativity scene, a cross in the desert is “offensive” but we MUST be tolerant of this? Why?? No one is tolerant of Christians. Why do they have to build it there? What’s the point? What do you suppose would happen if Christians decided to build a church or erect a cross at Mecca? Chaos. We would be called racist, intolerant, mean,heartless and any other name you can imagine. The ACLU would have a kniption fit, there would be marches, petitions and boycotts. How do suppose Jewish people would feel if someone erected a statue of Hilter at Auschwietz (sp)? This Mosque is being built because of an agenda. There are other places in NY to build ,yet it just has to be there. Again – why? Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it morally right. If the Muslims are as tolerant as I have been told, then why??? are they NOT respecting the wishes of the people TO NOT build the mosque??? Sorry, it’s just wrong.

    1. Sarah.
      I support their right to build the mosque/community center. I never said that I agreed with the choice of location. I agree that the proposed mosque does not need to be built that close to ground zero. However, it is incorrect to categorize the mosque as the ground zero mosque. The view of the proposed mosque will be blocked from ground zero by buildings in between.

      As for prayer in school–don’t you remember the Jewish kids who went to school with us, how they had to stand there while we recited the Lord’s prayer? How is the injection of prayer in public schools being tolerant of other religions. The same with a nativity scene–not on public property, private property fine.

      Tolerance means remembering that there are more faiths than christianity, more faiths than islam, more faiths than judaism. It’s a matter of respect.

      I agree with your comments on Mecca and building a church, but Newt Gingrich’s classification of Cordoba as a rallying cry for Muslims is factually incorrect. The church that was turned into a mosque by muslims was turned back into a christian church. As with everything in that region for thousands of years, change occurs frequently.

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