The Envelope Please

Golden Raspberry Award: Seems Fitting

Actually, no envelope, just seems fitting since it’s Emmy night.

And the winner is . . . the motherboard. Big applause everyone. The award for biggest money pit currently affecting the home front is My Computer. Accepting on behalf of My Computer is . . . well, no one, because it’s an inanimate object that happens to be sentient enough to know precisely when to cause more chaos in my life. Therefore, the award will be melted down and sold to buy parts.

Anyway, motherboard has been ordered. Should be here soon. Corey doesn’t think that he can install a mobo, though, so it may mean a return to the Geeks.

More later.

2 thoughts on “The Envelope Please

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your continued PC woes. I’m afraid, however, that I might be bearing even worse news yet. My son recently attempted to upgrade his Windows Vista machine by replacing everything except the hard drive and the case. After getting it all together, the darned thing wouldn’t boot!

    He was able to verify that his hardware was good by booting the system from an Ubuntu CD, which even allowed him to verify his hard drive was okay. We finally discovered the problem was with Microsoft, which has decided to tie the installation of all their operating systems from Vista forward to the motherboard!

    Read the information at Vista “upgrade” drops compliance checking, requires old OS to install, after the part labeled “A ‘per device’ obsession.”

    In order for my system to get his system working with Windows again, he had to purchase and install a new copy of Windows (version 7 made the most sense). That required a complete wipe of his hard drive, causing him to lose all of it’s contents!

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