Last Friday evening (September 24), my mother fell on the cement steps on her back porch. She broke her left tibia and bruised many parts of her body. We spent eight hours in the emergency room, not in the waiting room, luckily, as she had been transported via ambulance. There were consults, x-rays, etc.

This week has been a series of doctor’s visits. As a result, I have not been anywhere near a computer since last week. My mother does not own a computer, and her house is not wired for Internet, so even if I borrowed a laptop, it would be useless as far as blogging.

I haven’t spent the night in my own bed since last Thursday night. I am exhausted, emotionally wrung dry, and everything in my body hurts from trying to life and pull my mother into various positions in which she might be comfortable. She is completely bed-ridden, so everything has been left to me.

I just wanted to post a short update to let everyone know that I have not stopped blogging, nor do I have any plans to shut down my site. I am hoping to be able to post something this week if things begin to look better. As of now, I do not know when that might be.

Take care. I hope that there will be more sooner than later. Peace.