I am going to be a college professor . . . no, really, no . . .

To celebrate my return home, I am stealing this vid from my compatriot Janson Jones on Floridana Alaskiana v4.0. I know several of you out there will love this as much as I do. Enjoy:

Real post tomorrow. Promise. Peace.

2 thoughts on “I am going to be a college professor . . . no, really, no . . .

  1. This is so dead-on it’s depressing… I teach six classes (will have taught *18* by the end of December for the calendar year 2010) and only have health insurance because my hubby does. Slave labor, underpaid, mistreated–especially by students who cannot think critically to save their lives and get pissed when I don’t *give* them the “A” they are paying for with tuition I never see…

    Totally posting this for my graduate students to view: abandon all hope ye who enter the Humanities…

    Hope you are well, Poietes!

    1. Skye,
      I had to laugh when I saw this. So, so, so true. Slave labor indeed. During my six years with ODU, I had to give my raise (using the term very loosely) back to the state twice because of budget cuts. I did have health insurance and retirement, thankfully.

      I’m feeling better now that I’m back home and my mother is doing better. Thanks.

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