“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” ~ Robert Frost

 Second finalist. 

in life

I prefer the sun smack bang in my face

I prefer sitting alone in the dark hush before the movie starts

I prefer the downhill whizz of my bicycle and its clattery clack rattle over the place de la concorde

I prefer paradox and oxymoron and the expectation but not more than the experience

I prefer a Sylvia Plath Harvest Moon to a Ted Hughes Owl

I prefer the shipping news

I prefer blithe abandon and

the half truth of love that makes the heart race in slight disbelief

I prefer foreign countries and different languages in my mouth

I prefer the shadows of trees and the detail of leaves

I will always prefer a sing along because of my father and his guitar

I prefer not guessing who you are

I prefer the ambiguity that makes you all so beautiful

I prefer the tingle of not knowing not knowing at all

I infinitely prefer beginnings the scream of what may be

I prefer wanting everything even more than this life can give me and waiting to see

Poem written and read by www.thisonewildandpreciouslife.tumblr.com


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