“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” ~ Hillary Clinton

I’m supposed to be working on taxes, so . . . I was meandering through my blogroll today, and I came across something on Mosaic Moods that I find pretty neat-o: wordle.net, a program that allows you to create word art from anything that has an RSS feed, or from random text that you provide. Here is my first attempt, unimaginatively titled “First”:

More later. Peace.

Music by The Black Ryder, “All That We See”


6 thoughts on ““I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” ~ Hillary Clinton

  1. Whilst I approve Hillary self amusement – I have decided at my vast age that I am growing my hair out and will let it go until I can sit or stand on it… I am so so sick of trying to style and colour and glop up and otherwise denigrate my extremely thick well behaved hair that looks fabulous long, if inappropriate for a woman my age. But if I cut it short – it’s a full on disaster – bits pop out here and there and ten minutes after I leave the salon whatever look I paid $125 for is long forgotten!

    I declare we reclaim our hair!

    1. How funny. I can totally appreciate what you are saying. I hate it when I cut off all of my hair. I look like a monkey. I’ve cut off all of my hair three times in my life, and was so depressed for months after. What exactly is age appropriate anyway? Are you comfortable with long hair? Do you like yourself with long hair? Who cares what society thinks? Do what makes you happywith yourself. That’s what’s I’m doing. Of course, I would kill for a good haircut right now. Not short, but lots of long layers.

      I think Hillary’s statement is funny because she is basically thumbing her nose at all of the naysayers who never ever say anything about male politician’s hair or clothes.

    1. I was so happy to find that quote. It’s one that I had never heard before.

      You are correct, of course. The real point is that how often is a male politician’s hair or wardrobe even mentioned?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. What’s that amazing word… synchronicity? Just today, after hearing about the death of Elizabeth Taylor, I was reminded of my long ago attempt to produce a “word cloud” from the names of my favorite stars when I was growing up. You’ve now given me new hope that I can finally get that done!

    Also, I’m not sure you were aware that This Night was only one of two posts on that particular House episode when you made your comment, but Carmen Lezeth and I are in a lengthy debate on House’s character in
    My Body Is A Cage!

    1. Izaak,
      Glad to give you the method for making your cloud. I thought that it was a great find.
      I’ll have to read your posts, but not until I watch the episodes. No spoilers. But as for my two cents: I love House, love his intelligence, love his impatience with stupidity, love his curmudgeonly outlook on life, life his fractured soul, love his awareness of his fractured soul. He is the most perfect imperfect character ever created for a television show, which, to my mind, allows him to transcend his medium.

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