Occupy Wall Street


To the 1% (and the 53%): we are not complaining about how bad our lives are or asking for things we don’t need. We are not lazy or weak. We are not anti-American or taking our freedom for granted. We’re just asking for fairness and equality. This shouldn’t be the status quo. You already take so much from us – don’t take away our First Amendment rights, too. Don’t tell us we need to “stop whining and start working.” Those of us who can work are trying to find a job, or find another job just to pay the bills. But you aren’t hiring us. Working multiple jobs just to make ends meet should not be the answer, either.

My love and support goes out to all those who #occupy around the nation and those less fortunate than I am. Many of your stories have moved me to tears.

And to those in the world who don’t even have the rights to speak their minds and voice their unrest – we have not forgotten about you.

The world needs to change. We are that change. We are the 99%.