Occupy Wall Street . . .


I am a 37 year old writing tutor at a community college.  I have long believed America represents something special in the history of the world – diversity, fairness, upward mobility for all people.  Now I’m not so sure.  Everyday, I work with men and women of all ethnicities, ages, religions, etc. who are tirelessly trying to improve their lives through education.  These are not lazy people looking for hand-outs.  But in this “jobless recovery” many of them will still struggle to find meaningful work even with a degree in hand; many more will be forced to return to low paying jobs just to survive.  These are people who played by the rules, got an education, and believed in the American Dream.  Now the American Dream is telling them that the new reality is that the rich get richer while everyone else has to bail them out when they make a mistake.  This is NOT right.  This is NOT America.  I still believe in hard work and competition.  But you have to give us a fighting chance.  I am the 99% – WE ARE THE 99%.  Support the Buffett Rule.  Support debt forgiveness.  Support a real jobs bill.  Make America work again

Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

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