This. Right Here.

Not a real post today, but a visual representation of every conceivable reason why I want to live in Ireland. If only Corey would understand that this, right here, is everything, and that house, sitting in the middle of all of this green, that would be my version of heaven.

Dunes of Inoshowen, Ireland, by Dave Johnston for National Geographic

6 thoughts on “This. Right Here.

  1. Now I don’t want to burst your bubble, but Irish weather, whilst terribly romantic, is also a tad on the gloomy side. And like NZ, never overly warm or overly cold. And lots of rain…
    It’s for passionate people and desperate people and interminably cheerful people and also people with strong constitutions, not inclined to respiratory ailments…

    And I love the image and wish I had taken it…

    1. You’re not bursting my bubble. I know about the rain and mist, and I like the not overly warm or cold. But my husband does not share my passion for this particular country, so I fear that I will never live in this house in this spot . . .

      And yes, it’s an image that you could have taken.

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