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  1. Apparently, I write like H. P. Lovecraft, which is very weird as I haven’t read anything by him. I suppose that I now have to do that. The first blurb that I inserted came out as being like Dan Brown. I know that’s not accurate, so I put in a longer, more personal blurb–Lovecraft. I envy you your likeness to Salinger and Wallace.

  2. Now just who has decided that is how you really are??? And really aren’t??? I might think it’s the other way around.

    A truly objective POV (impossible, I know) would probably find you across that entire lovely spectrum. Me, too come to think of it. Come to think of it… here I am chiding you when… I realise I could have posted the identical thing about myself… or… people tend to see me as the first and I tend to see me as the second, at least on some days… OK, I am obviously way over-thinking this!

      1. Here’s a little treat for you – Memoire’s ‘who I write like’ http://iwl.me/s/31398c21

        You may have seen it before – you pop in a few paras of your writing and it does some kind of statistical analysis. Said I wrote like JD Salinger, which is fine by me. (ok, I did it a second time with text from my nonwrimo novel and got David Foster Wallace which is also pretty good – of course he hanged himself a couple of years ago.)

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