“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

Just stole this from I Want Ice Water who found it on Metousiosis. It’s called Finding Oregon, and it’s from Uncage the Soul Productions:


Attempts to deck the halls today. More later. Peace.

3 thoughts on ““The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

  1. Great views around Oregon. But, I like watching it from my house where I’m sort of warm and wearing pajamas and drinking a cup of hot chamomile tea… No thanks to the tents in the snow. But, it’s wonderful that someone goes and sends us the pictures!

    I am grouchy today. My arm is aching. I’m tired now. Will I ever be able to do yoga – bend and stretch and reach? Ah well, time to climb in bed and read. I’m reading “Lord of the Flies” again right now. Yesterday I bought and read the book “The Orchard” by Theresa Weir. Sad, but an amazing story… A woman who grew up with a bunch of crap and married a man who seemed like he was going to be emotionally unavailable, but I guess he saw it and was able to open enough to let her in… I probably wouldn’t have hung around that long. She decided to write – and she just did it… Good thing she did because she had that money for a safety net.

    I wish you were feeling better. I wish I could pick you up on my way to the grocery store… I wish we could put our wishes on a Christmas tree and some of them would come true… But, I guess many of my wishes do come true…

    So, you are going to feel better soon because I am wishing that. Get better, feel stronger and clearer… Thanks for all the wonderful things you give us!

    I need to think more about the good things… The scary snowman you tube videos, the wrapping the cat video… TransSiberian Orchestra Christmas lights… Being able to see SNOW from the warmth of my own home. Hey! I can see snow right now (on the screen) as I type!!! The books I can escape into… And more… Wishing you some of your good things tonight….

    1. Yep, I was pretty amazed by the tents in the snow. Now that’s diehard.

      I was grouchy yesterday. Never got around to doing any decorating. I wish oh wish oh wish that I could shake this latest illness. I know that my body cannot recover the way that it used to because of all of the mitigating factors. Still, my mind doesn’t really want to believe that.

      Haven’t read Lord of the Flies in years. That was such a brutal book, about how the humans can devolve so quickly to their natural state. Too much like present day society in some ways. I’m glad that you read The Orchard. It sounds like a good read. I’ve already done the emotionally unavailable thing, hung around much too long. Never going there again.

      I like the idea of a wish tree. Pulling off a tag each time a wish comes true. That would be so delightful.

      The scary snowman was wild, wasn’t it? Love TSO light shows. Now that’s dedication to decoration.

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