4 thoughts on “I want one of these signs

  1. Go to Malaysia. Or Indonesia. Or China… come to think of it, pretty much all over Asia…

    While generally I do not approve of the idea of shooting trespassers and feeding their useless remains to the dogs – I am ever in awe at just how much safer I feel walking around any time of day in most Asian cities. (I have not been to Bangkok, so I can’t comment one way or the other…)

    Actually, they don’t really shoot trespassers… but they do shoot drug dealers, white collar crims, and a wide range of violent offenders… with good results. And Sweden shoots none of them and has equally good results. Hmmm…

    1. But see, if a Dalek is used to take care of trespassers, then humans don’t have to worry about doing the policing. Of course, Daleks want to exterminate everything, so there is that wee problem . . .

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