6 a.m.

That’s what time sleep came to  me this morning. So no writing from me, but a nice passage that I found on my tumblr dash:

I am on the edge of the crowd, at the periphery; but I belong to it, I am attached to it by one of my extremities, a hand or foot. I know that the periphery is the only place I can be, that I would die if I let myself be drawn into the center of the fray, but just as certainly if I let go of the crowd. This is not an easy position to stay in, it is even very difficult to hold, for these beings are in constant motion and their movements are unpredictable and follow no rhythm. They swirl, go north, then suddenly east; none of the individuals in the crowd remains in the same place in relation to the others. So I too am in perpetual motion; all this demands a high level of tension, but it gives me a feeling of violent, almost vertiginous, happiness.” A very good schizo dream. To be fully a part of the crowd and at the same time completely outside it, removed from it: to be on the edge . . .

~ Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus. 2. 1914: On or Several Wolves. (pg. 29)


4 thoughts on “6 a.m.

  1. I am sending you good thoughts… and hoping that tonight will be a night with sleep.

    My son was telling me about reading in a tiny journal of my father’s – how he sold his motorcycle in D.C., put $4000. down on the house on Pratt Street, and took out a loan for $8000. This being 1954. How time has changed…

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