“We feel things differently according as we are sleepy or awake, hungry or full, fresh or tired; differently at night and in the morning, differently in summer and in winter, and above all things differently in childhood, manhood, and old age. Yet we never doubt that our feelings reveal the same world . . .” ~ William James, The Principles of Psychology (1890)

Grace in Small Things . . .

Vincent Van Gogh

“I know the color of blue when I see it, and the flavor of a pear when I taste it; I know an inch when I move my finger through it; a second of time, when I feel it pass; an effort of attention when I make it; a difference between two things when I notice it; but about the inner nature of these facts or what makes them what they are, I can say nothing at all. I cannot impart acquaintance with them to any one who has not already me it himself. I cannot describe them, make a blind man guess what blue is like.”

~ William James, The Principles of Psychology, Volume 1, p. 221