If I . . .

. . . lived in Cardiff, Wales, I would be at the Dr. Who Convention today

8 thoughts on “If I . . .

    1. I had in mind the gif of Amy floating outside the Tardis with the Doctor holding her ankle. I know that I have it somewhere, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find it, so I settled on just the Tardis. I, too, an shocked by just how much I love that show. I stumbled upon it accidentally on BBC America, and have been hooked ever since.

      1. I’ve had people telling me to watch it forever but I put it off, which is strange because I’m a sf nerd and an anglophile. But then, humans are strange! I fixed my ‘puter, btw!

      2. Winston, once you watch a couple of Dr. Who episodes, trust me, you will become addicted. Of course I’m speaking as someone who has never seen the classic Who, only the reboot, but I love it. Congrats on the computer.

  1. I wouldn’t go on my own. But I might go with someone who was mad about it… I watched quite a lot of it about 7-8 years ago – one of the distributors got the idea I was a huge fan and kept sending me more and more until I had to gently thank them and plead no more… kinda miss those days… but not so much the Doctor Who…

    1. Oh, the last five years have been brilliant. You might like it now. And I would be the one to go with as I’m completely mad about it, but I promise I wouldn’t go dressed as a Tardis.

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