If I . . .

. . . lived in Cardiff, Wales, I would be at the Dr. Who Convention today


8 thoughts on “If I . . .

    • I had in mind the gif of Amy floating outside the Tardis with the Doctor holding her ankle. I know that I have it somewhere, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find it, so I settled on just the Tardis. I, too, an shocked by just how much I love that show. I stumbled upon it accidentally on BBC America, and have been hooked ever since.

      • I’ve had people telling me to watch it forever but I put it off, which is strange because I’m a sf nerd and an anglophile. But then, humans are strange! I fixed my ‘puter, btw!

      • Winston, once you watch a couple of Dr. Who episodes, trust me, you will become addicted. Of course I’m speaking as someone who has never seen the classic Who, only the reboot, but I love it. Congrats on the computer.

  1. I wouldn’t go on my own. But I might go with someone who was mad about it… I watched quite a lot of it about 7-8 years ago – one of the distributors got the idea I was a huge fan and kept sending me more and more until I had to gently thank them and plead no more… kinda miss those days… but not so much the Doctor Who…

    • Oh, the last five years have been brilliant. You might like it now. And I would be the one to go with as I’m completely mad about it, but I promise I wouldn’t go dressed as a Tardis.

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