3 thoughts on “Word Press Help, please (again)

  1. Sorry, image (and video) manipulation is something I want to learn so much, but the learning curve is too steep to mess with on my hunk-o-junk. About the best I could do right now would be to “draw” one on with Windows Paint.

    You wouldn’t believe the number of bookmarks I’ve saved for tools to play with. Here’s one that might interest you: RealWorld Paint – image editor for bloggers.

    1. Oh well. Thanks anyway. I was hoping for a quick fix. I suppose I could add the border in Photoshop, but I’d have to have the pixels at the exact size.

      1. Couldn’t you use Photoshop’s “layering” capability add a box of the same size of the top of the image? I’d been wanting to learn how to do that myself, so I could add floating copies of my avatar over my own header image! 😀

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