“The three basic interests in any woman’s life are Romance, Her Home, Herself.” ~ McCall’s Advertisement, 1933

“Nor is it wise, when she is occupied with the solemn ritual of a manicure, to launch into the problem of what to do about breaking Johnny of his new tendency to swear.” ~ McCall’s Advertisement Appearing in Newsweek, June 17, 1933

Damn, Corey. I’m in the midst of the solemn ritual of my manicure. I don’t care if the washer is overflowing, the dog threw up, and the boys are arguing over the last piece of pizza. Leave me be, or I might get the vapors.

My, my, my. Life was so much easier when people told us who to be, how to act, when to think, what to do . . . And advertising today is different how, exactly?