“The three basic interests in any woman’s life are Romance, Her Home, Herself.” ~ McCall’s Advertisement, 1933

“Nor is it wise, when she is occupied with the solemn ritual of a manicure, to launch into the problem of what to do about breaking Johnny of his new tendency to swear.” ~ McCall’s Advertisement Appearing in Newsweek, June 17, 1933

Damn, Corey. I’m in the midst of the solemn ritual of my manicure. I don’t care if the washer is overflowing, the dog threw up, and the boys are arguing over the last piece of pizza. Leave me be, or I might get the vapors.

My, my, my. Life was so much easier when people told us who to be, how to act, when to think, what to do . . . And advertising today is different how, exactly?

11 thoughts on ““The three basic interests in any woman’s life are Romance, Her Home, Herself.” ~ McCall’s Advertisement, 1933

  1. Seems like just another scheme to keep us ragged and overworked. That one was concocted by folks trying to get us to smoke their cigarettes, also a bad idea…
    These days I’m thinking about the whole concept of ‘belief’ and ‘believing’… I’m really smelling a rat in the works.

    1. Cause I’m a woman, w-o-m-a-n . . . Yep, it was cigarettes. I once wrote a letter to the Hanes corporation asking them why they thought I would care if gentlemen preferred Hanes as men didn’t have to wear pantyhose. That was in my more activist days.

      Definitely a rat in the works.

      1. I was referencing that bring home the bacon commercial elsewhere today and discovered it was not from Virginia Slims (I keep spelling that Vagina Slims!) it was from Enjoli Perfume! http://youtu.be/jA4DR4vEgrs
        I had completely forgotten about that fragrance… (Which is why I stick with the classic, Beautiful, from Estee Lauder – what do you do if they stop making your signature scent???)

      2. Enjoli? That’s sounds vaguely familiar. I, too, thought it was vagina slims (I called them that, too). Remember Charlie?

      3. Oh yes – I think all the girls in my dorm suite wore that. Except me. For some reason I was wearing Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew, which I had got as a sample or freebie with purchase. Of course I didn’t realise it was an ‘old lady’ perfume then… But it was a step up from my mother’s Tabu, which always smelled like donuts to me.
        As for the Charlie – here is the link to the ad. http://youtu.be/0bvDeAqeKxg. For some reason I really hated Shelly Hack back then. I don’t remember why…

      4. I hated her, too. Isn’t that wild? I couldn’t tell you why, but I took an instant dislike to her as the Charlie girl. I wore Charlie, Jontu, and Grass Oil. Ooh, and Muguet, which I would probably still like if they made it, have no idea. I wore White Shoulders in my 20’s, and then a friend of mine once complained about all of the old women who came into the museum smelling of white shoulders…slayed me.

      5. One of my best friends was wearing it, and I asked her what it was. Went out and bought myself a bottle the next day. I think it was a Lily of the Valley scent.

  2. Did children come under home or romance?
    On the other hand, now we are expected to excel at those things, plus have a dynamic, successful career. Even my daughter who has chosen a life sans husband and children is exhausted by it all…

    1. Oh I think they came under home, as in keep them out of sight when the man of the house came home. Yes, that whole concept of wonder women is just brutal. Remember “I can bring home the bacon. Fry it up in a pan. And never ever let him forget he’s a man”? Why do I have old ad jingles running through my mind? Terribly annoying.

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