“The truth is that it’s far easier to make a bomb than to educate four hundred million people.” ~ Arundhati Roy, The End of Imagination

Reprinting for your information. Please click on a link to help in this very worthy effort.

In case you thought we weren’t serious about distributing 1 million books over the course of the next 10 9 days, here are some pictures of the books we are planning on distributing in Seattle.

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First Book wants to give away 1 MILLION BOOKS TO KIDS IN NEED OVER THE NEXT 10 DAYS. Here’s the catch: We want the world to know about the issue of illiteracy and how they can help us fight it. In support of our effort, we will give away a book for every “re-blog”, “retweet”, and “share” we get of  this message on twitter, tumblr and facebook. Get to sharing.