That abyss thing? Yep. It’s looking into me . . .

Simply stated, I do not want to talk about it, so just keep a good thought until these freaking invitations are in the mail . . .

“In a thorough, delirious, and angry manner, I am incessantly letting out all my horror, my fury, my resentment, my hatred, my failure, our failure, our helplessness, all the humiliation, the mockery, the swindles, and lastly, simply all the beatings and kickings, the endless persecution. All, all of it. All that terror goes onto the paper, the blank page, which, once filled, is carefully hidden in the double ceiling of the loft, or inside dictionaries, or behind a cabinet: it is my revenge, my revenge. My triumph.”

~ Reinaldo Arenas, from “The Parade Ends”