I started writing yesterday, and . . .

the computer has decided to die. I’m borrowing Brett’s computer for a moment to post this update. Don’t know if I’m going to be able to finish the post I started yesterday as nothing is showing up in Word Press on Eamonn’s computer.

Let me just say . . . argh!!!!


6 thoughts on “I started writing yesterday, and . . .

      1. This is true… And he would be devastated if I left… There is a minimum of one episode per day involving much cursing and gnashing and declarations of hatred and loathing for Bill Gates, Dell, Asus, Explorer, Firefox, mice, keyboards, viruses etc, accompanied by grand gestures of throwing in the towel and washing his hands of he whole thing. And me calling up from my office downstairs, “what are you sh*tting & f*cking about now, my love?” Which of course, results in a reprise performance, cut short by me going up the stairs and moving him over – as he protests that nothing with work and it’s all f*cked and… you know…
        And I ignore his ongoing protests as I fix or undo whatever it is he has done… usually in five minutes or less. I swear, the man would die without me…

      2. Well, I can relate to his kvetching. I curse at this POS on a daily basis, and unfortunately, fixes are band-aids, the cheap kind that don’t stick more than a few hours. Will be so glad to have my unit fixed. Feels like I’ve been saying that for years. Wait . . . I have.

      3. sigh… and these days you are really forced to bite the bullet and buy a new machine. Back in the day, it was relatively easy to upgrade and replace parts, they still fit together. Now – you change one bit and the others won’t work right anymore – both hardware and software – to force us to buy new equipment over and over. The average punter buys something on sale, not realising it’s dated technology already. Ugh…
        To be honest, I think (as a culture) we have fooled ourselves with the concept of recycling and become more wasteful than ever. And it’s only getting worse – not better. All this technology we buy and pay so much for is meant to be thrown away and replaced every two years…

      4. Actually, I’m replacing the mother board in my cpu. I’ve already replaced the power source, the fan, and something else (can’t remember). I also need to replace graphics card. I refuse to buy a new one until I get this one to work. Bull headed.

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