Why sir or madam, I’m obviously from Pluto, the planet that no longer exists . . .

Just received this wonderful comment regarding a particularly politically-charged post that I wrote in 2010 called, “’He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dare not is a slave.’ ~ Andrew Carnegie”  (June 30, 2010). I enjoyed the comment so much for so many reasons that I decided to share:

Not sure what planet you are from but if you can’t tell black from half-black, or magically forget the First through the Fifth Amendments–a specific requirement as part of the job Obama, or whatever his real name is, the pretend law professor and illegally elected so-called “president” and perhaps you have never read–or did I miss one of your quotes? should be aware that these Rights are not negotiable and cannot be bypassed, even if the person doing so has the get-out-of-jail-free race card.

A further distinction, if I can call it that, that Obama (or whatever his real name is) has over all our former presidents is that he is genuinely, perhaps even criminally, insane–based on the past four years of personally observing some very clear diagnostic criteria presented by this man–I can give you the DMS-IV numbers if you wish–and the fact that he demonstrates an IQ level of 85 or less does not help the situation as he is unable, as we have seen, to even learn the job of president, even if he were legally elected which he has as yet failed to do.

And by the way I do actually like some of your quotes, although I have to say that from the standpoint of a voting citizen what your “black” person in the white house is pulling on Americans is not Delusion (although I am open to discussing his plethora of delusional comments and conduct as observed and commented on by high-ranking politicians all over the glob) but more correctly ILLUSION. I’m sure you can guess what some of his best lies have been regarding those illusions he wishes us to believe.

Lastly, I am always interested in how quickly liberals deny others the right of free speech, while demanding that right for themselves. If you don’t like some the inferences to the ineptitude, malaise, lack of concern for critical issues and his overall inability to function under stress, you are definitely not going to like what you hear about him when he’s dragged before a Court and forced, for once, to admit the kind of charades he’s been playing with our government, our money and freedoms.

Now, once upon a time, I might have actually engaged with this person, but not today, dear friends, not today.

Peace to you and yours.

Can think of nothing more appropriate than Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner”