Baby Love

The photographs from the hospital came in (we had to reorder as the first ones arrived bent). I took one and changed it into black and white and added a canvas texture. Not sure how well the canvas will translate on the computer, but here it is:

Daddy’s Hand Holding Olivia

Still haven’t had a chance to download pix from camera or phone. Hope to get to that this week. On that list of things to do . . .

Music by Kate Rusby (repeat, I know), “Who Will Sing Me Lullabies”

4 thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. What an angel! And she has hair!! My grandkids had large shiny domes!! Lita she is wonderful! Welcome to Grannyville! Come on over to the insufferable bore couch where we sit and drone on about how cute, talented, smart, and wonderful OUR grandkids are compared to “those other children”-HAHA

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