“I desired always to stretch the night and fill it fuller and fuller with dreams.” ~ Virginia Woolf


The interwebs are a wondrous place. Completely by chance I came across an intriguing photograph, but no source was given. This happens a lot, too much, in fact. But when I want to know more, especially before including said photograph with a post, I go on a treasure hunt of sorts, trying to track down the source, the photographer, the name of the piece, the date, anything. This is how I came across the work of the improbably named Cocky Eek.

The about section of her site states this about the designer: “Since the millennium her work has been mainly revolving around lightweight spatial compositions and her favorite media are wind and air. This resulted in floating or flying experiments or large, voluminous pneumatic forms constructed to capture air. She creates environments that translate this material into a tangible experience of form and volume.”

I wanted to know the source of the picture above. Apparently, it comes from Eek’s “Illumine” Project, of which Eek writes the following:

They become alive when starting to breath
moving their inner light space
the skin is the beholder of their integrity
preventing themselves for being solved in outer space

The picture depicts the balloon dress, and if I’m interpreting the caption correctly, it’s called “Ice Whiz,” from February 2009

Just a bit of trivia for your Monday afternoon.

More later. Peace.

More music by Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, “Pause” (just seemed to go with this photograph)


Who am I now without your love?
Who am I alone in a day that has gone?
Without your love to return upon,
I’m a featherless bird in a sky so absurd
Why oh why’s there so much movement

When all I long for is to lay down in love’s pause

And dream I know something of truth
Oh hide me deeper in your peace further
And lose me in this greed I’ve found in your need