“Whoever’s homeless now, will build no shelter; / who lives alone will live indefinitely so.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, from “Day in Autumn”

Japanese Maple on the Biltmore Estate, North Carolina
by Melissa Farlow, National Geographic Galleries


Two for Tuesday: October

The Love of October

A child looking at ruins grows younger
but cold
and wants to wake to a new name
I have been younger in October
than in all the months of spring
walnut and may leaves the color
of shoulders at the end of summer
a month that has been to the mountain
and become light there
the long grass lies pointing uphill
even in death for a reason
that none of us knows
and the wren laughs in the early shade now
come again shining glance in your good time
naked air late morning
my love is for lightness
of touch foot feather
the day is yet one more yellow leaf
and without turning I kiss the light
by an old well on the last of the month
gathering wild rose hips
in the sun.

~ W. S. Merwin



I used to think the land
had something to say to us,
back when wildflowers
would come right up to your hand
as if they were tame.
Sooner or later, I thought,
the wind would begin to make sense
if I listened hard
and took notes religiously.
That was spring.
Now I’m not so sure:
the cloudless sky has a flat affect
and the fields plowed down after harvest
seem so expressionless,
keeping their own counsel.
This afternoon, nut tree leaves
blow across them
as if autumn had written us a long letter,
changed its mind,
and tore it into little scraps.

~ Don Thompson


Music by George Winston, “Autumn: Woods”

One thought on ““Whoever’s homeless now, will build no shelter; / who lives alone will live indefinitely so.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, from “Day in Autumn”

  1. That’s a fantastic photo of the Japanese Maple at Biltmore… Makes me wish there was a webcam trained on it, (eliminating the need for a cross-state journey…)

    And, the George Winston piece is beautiful. And two good poems.

    Had a good afternoon with my well-loved ex-boss. Came home to find that the person assigned dinner chores “had already eaten dinner”, so went out for a sandwich with the one who hadn’t had dinner. The sandwich place had the air conditioning on. Today was all overcast, chilly, and misty all day. By the time I got done eating, I was freezing, so we stopped and got cocoa on the way home.

    Then I came home and my room was 60 degrees. I turned on the little heater to the bathroom and warmed the bathroom up for my shower. Then afterwards, I shut my bedroom door and the bathroom warmed up my room to a balmy 68 degrees!!! That should last me until bedtime!

    I started the book “Quiet” last night by Susan Cain – about introversion. It’s pleasant reading so far…

    The crickets are chirping more slowly…

    Isabel is chasing her toy under the bed… The cats like it so much better when the windows are open and the cat door is installed in the window. Maybe tomorrow…

    I hope you are having another cozy evening!

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