Sandy Update:

Water reached a record level outside Bayford Oyster Co.’s shucking building on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, photographed Monday afternoon, Oct. 29, 2012. (Brian J. Clark | The Virginian-Pilot)

Just to let you know

We have been very fortunate here in Hampton Roads. I have not heard of any major power outages or casualties. That’s not to say that there wasn’t flooding because there was. Just a bit to the north, people were not so lucky. If you’re interested in reading the local assessment, click here.

In our house, everything is fine. The door weathered the wind. No big tree limbs. All in all, we were spared. Thanks to everyone who voiced concern.

Large waves roll in behind the King Neptune statue at Neptune Park in Virginia Beach on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012. (L. Todd Spencer | The Virginian-Pilot)

8 thoughts on “Sandy Update:

      1. I haven’t heard about my brother who lives in Rockaway (not Breezy Point though)… one of the worst hit places, but my family in New York is rather odd – if there is no disaster, you will not hear anything. So I assume his building made it through and he weathered the storm somewhere without incident…
        I felt like a porn addict (not that I really have a clue what one of them feels like) watching and reading everything I could about the storm as it unfolded… just incredible!

  1. I’m so glad you came through the storm as well as you did. I know your thoughts, like mine, are with those who will be suffering it’s aftermath for days, weeks, perhaps months, to come…

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