Happy Halloween . . .

Yes, it’s a repeat, but I still love it. Plus I’ve added a wonderful Tim Burton one and some singing zombies . . .



Music by . . . The Zombies


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween . . .

  1. Hey there, well, again Joe and I have weathered another storm, no pun intended. Not as bad as the last 3 BUT still out of the house for a week or so.

    To all who can read this and are anywhere near water, please, please get some flood insurance! It’s not terribly expensive and you’ll be glad you did. Homeowner’s does not cover flood damage. Make sure you get contents with the flood policy.

    1. Oh Sarah,
      I was thinking about you beforehand and hoping that you would be spared this time. Maybe someday you’ll be able to unload that house to someone who has always dreamed of living near the water… Take care. Love, me.

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