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A sampling of post-election commentary and comedy:

Rachel Maddow:


New term: Millenials (the twenty-something generation):

From an article in New Geography by Joel Kotkin

To this Republican political malpractice there is an even greater threat: the loss of younger voters. According to CNN exit polls, Millennials voted for Obama 60% to 36% and accounted for 19% of all voters, up from 17% in 2008. Although white male millennials turned slightly less enthusiastic, the President’s huge margin among white women as well as minority millennials — roughly 40 percent of this huge generation — more than made up the difference.

Why did this happen? Generational theorists Mike Hais and Morley Winograd attribute this to several factors. One is the intrinsic optimism of millennials, even in the face of very difficult economic challenges. This blunted Romney’s main argument. Other issues such as gay marriage, favored by most millennials, as well as a more tolerant attitude towards immigration drove them away from the GOP and towards the President.

We want education, and we’re willing to pay for it:

California voters cast their ballots in favor of education yesterday, approving Proposition 30 to temporarily raise income taxes for the wealthiest citizens and add a quarter of a cent sales tax for all.

In the first year and in every year after, the tax is expected to provide $500 million for education, a windfall Gov. Jerry Brown campaigned for, saying the money was needed to save public schools from major cuts.

Was everyone drunk on election night?


Craig Ferguson’s Monologue:

Jimmy Fallon’s Version of the Concession Telephone Call

And of course, what would commentary be without Jon Stewart?