10 thoughts on “Taking a poll (of sorts)

  1. Hmmm… on the upside it is clean. on the downside it lacks warmth. on the upside it is minimalist. on the downside it is minimalist. on the upside it feels unbound, sort of float-y. on the downside it seems to be un-anchored.
    I’m using a similar template (The Journalist) and I like it. You will probably like this.
    I hate change. (at the moment, but I get used to new things quickly and grow to like them.)
    I imagine this has been no help at all. But you weren’t looking for help 😉
    Happy New Year!

    1. No, I wasn’t looking for help, but I was looking for validation, of sorts, and that’s what you did. I thought about all of the same things–clean, minimalist. I hate change, too, but I’m going to leave it for now to see if it grows on me. Good thing is I can always change back.

    2. By the way, I’m pretty sure I asked you previously if I could use your image with attribution, but if I didn’t and I presume, I’m so sorry. Is it okay, or would you prefer not? Totally up to you.

    3. Damn! I am so slow you’ve changed it again! I suppose all the above reasons would still apply except the ones that don’t fit. LOVE the banner photo (but I would, wouldn’t I?)
      But funny, I don’t see in shades of brown and yellow and definitely not in a monochromatic sense at all. So I’d give the style of template a bit of a thumbs up, but the colour scheme thumbs down. Hmmm…

  2. I like it. I’m so tempted to change mine, but there are so many to choose from (not to mention all the “unknowns” that are impossible to prepare for)! 🙄

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