Welcome to NASA’s Johnson Space Center . . . Science Everywhere

Just had to do this. It’s epic, by far the best parody of Gangnam Style . . .

3 thoughts on “Welcome to NASA’s Johnson Space Center . . . Science Everywhere

  1. I’m sure you are right. Thank you. I get twisted around, especially late at night. Sometimes things seem much more clear in the morning…

  2. That was fun to watch!

    Maybe you can answer this grammar question. In the phrase, “the average CEO’s annual salary” is the CEO considered singular or plural? I know you would put it in a prepositional phrase, “the annual salary of the average CEO” which implies it is singular, so you use ‘s… But, an average means there is more than one CEOs’ salary being talked about. And, when you use the word “average”, I suppose that you have to consider each subject on a case-by-case basis. Because if I said, “the average age of college students” it would be plural, so could be said, “the college students’ average age was…” For some reason, this is very hard to look up…

    Thanks for being my “Ms. Grammar”!

    1. You aren’t modifying average (as it is an adjective in this case); you’re modifying CEO or students, so in the first it is singular and in the second it is plural.

      I think . . . now I’m questioning myself.

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