“I wheeled with the stars, | my heart broke loose on the wind.” ~ Pablo Neruda, from “Poetry”

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.”


5 thoughts on ““I wheeled with the stars, | my heart broke loose on the wind.” ~ Pablo Neruda, from “Poetry”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day… I am visiting my favorite bloggers today 🙂

    I was outside the other night, accidentally, in the freezing cold, and I looked up and there they were — stars! I hadn’t seen them in ages. Probably since the last time we were camping. I don’t live in a bright city, just a suburb, but I rarely see them anymore. When I was little, you could see the Milky Way from here in the desert. It was very bright and the sky was like chocolate chip ice cream. Now there are far fewer stars and you have to drive up into the mountains here where there are no street light anywhere to see the MW. How does that affect life I wonder, when such wondrous, awe-inspiring natural phenomena are lost from view? Probably more than I can imagine. My focus has gotten very narrow. A few neighborhood streets, a well worn path to the stores I frequent. The Starbucks route, Rubios, lol. I don’t see much else. I think I rely on the computer for my window now more than ever. that makes me sad. I want to see something man did not make every day, in person. Would have to move I think. I will move just as soon as the opportunity arrives. Until then. these few pitiful stars are all I have to remember the skies of my youth. I hope aging isn’t what is doing that to me. How sad!

    Boy do I need a change of scenery. Do you have stars where you live?

    p.s. I miss Calvin and Hobbes

    1. Diana,
      So glad to hear from you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.

      I so miss the mountain night sky, filled to the brim with stars. I, too, rely too much upon the computer for my window. I am aching to move as well, but don’t foresee it for a few years.

      We have very few stars here in the burbs. Too much light pollution.

      I hope that you are staying well. Always lovely to hear from you. Lita

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